About Us

Our life’s work is to support you on your journey.  


We are gifted massage therapists that offer our presence, heart and magic to refill your well when it runs low.

We are here for you when you are in need, whether that’s once a week, once a month, or once a year. Whether you come for pain relief, to de-stress or to support your daily health, we offer a personalized experience that will attune to your needs.

Christina Pyktel, LMT completed a massage certification while living in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2004 at Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College.


Christina’s style is deep, patient and nurturing. She enjoys incorporating therapeutic massage with aromatherapy and hot stones. One of her favorite offerings is the Ayurveda massage. This ancient practice uses warm oil “medicated” with essential oils. The strokes are long and rhythmic, thus inviting the nervous system to re-charge and the body to gently detox.

Please check out her Aromatherapy Wellness Product line. These synergistic blends offer take-home support for your mind, body and soul!



Lezlie Amara Piper, LMT #3834 has followed the threads of natural healing for most of her life. She has always been fascinated by plants and their medicine, and humans and their ability to heal.Lezlie Amara Piper LMT Best

She has been in practice for almost 30 years, and  offers sensitive body work, intuitive readings, herbal, nutritional and life style consults and Holistic Pelvic Care™. She is informed by years of instruction and practice  in  meditation, Qi Gong, Taoist Nutrition, Acupressure, Orthobionomy,  and many other practices. Her focus is on listening to the body and letting it inform her work.  Her sessions allow for the unity of varying levels of mind, body and spirit.  Each time, each client is met exactly where they are and the unfolding happens from there.  

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  • We aspire:

    To foster healing from deep within.
    To mindfully release habitual patterns.
    To celebrate self love and the divine body.
    To be open to the wisdom and joy of this life.

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