What to Expect

Our massages are designed to awaken the Body-Mind, a union of physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether you’re looking for a deep tissue massage to quiet your pain or a relaxation massage to quiet your mind, we’ve got it covered. We strive to provide a positive massage experience customized to your specific needs and requests.

Our therapists have received training in a wide variety of modalities such as deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal massage, reflexology, cranial sacral and Ayurveda. Our therapists are gifted, intuitive healers with years of experience in massage therapy and bodywork.

Whether you’re in for a single session or series of treatments with any of our incredible massage therapists, this is what you can expect:

Physical Success

Manzanita Sunset

Manzanita Sunset

Relieve pain and tension
Lengthen muscle constrictions
Increase mobility

Emotional Success

Reduce stress and anxiety
Inspire wellbeing
Deepens self-awareness

Mental Success

Quiet thoughts
Promote confidence
Increase alertness

Excellent massage therapists

Each practitioner is hired by a massage therapist, the owner, in fact. We look for gifted healers, who exemplify years of training, experience and love in their work.  This takes time to develop. We get that.  So, we look for the most exceptional practitioners to invite to the practice.

The absolute highest quality of massage oil
We use 100% pure organic jojoba (pronounced ho-HO-ba) oil.  Jojoba oil is the finest oil we have come across.  Jojoba is good for all skin types including babies and very sensitive skin.  Jojoba is a natural source of vitamin E, won’t clog your pores, won’t stain your clothes, does not go rancid, absorbs easily into the skin, and is a perfect carrier oil for aromatherapy.  The organic jojoba oil that we use is also farmed sustainably and ethically so you can feel good about the whole picture.

100% natural aromatherapy
The scents that envelop you as soon as you enter Longevity will inspire you to pause and breathe deeper instantly.  The difference between us and a shop that inspires you to sneeze instantly, is that we are completely committed to 100% natural aromas made with essential oils (plant extracts).  No chemicals, no synthetics, ever.   Your body wants to absorb the natural medicine of our aromatherapy, not reject it.  You can find our all-natural house-made aromatherapy line here.

Full treatment time
All our treatments listed on our menu are ‘table time’ – full-length sessions with your therapist on the table. We love what we do and know how valuable every minute is for your treatment.  We allow ourselves extra time in-between treatments to be able to spend additional face time, before and after your treatment to connect with you on your core concerns and offer support.

Therapeutic massages
Our treatments are more than just muscular relief – it’s about unraveling a deep tension and awakening the body-mind connection to heal.  At Longevity, our treatments work on several layers of the body – the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body – this is what makes Longevity treatments so complete and transformational.

NO Extra Charges
Each treatment includes warm tables fitted with the softest sheets ever, hot towels, organic jojoba oil, cool artesian well water and/or hot organic Yogi tea.

NO Waste
Everything we use in session can be composted, recycled, or laundered to create a zero-waste experience in balance with the Earth for the benefit of the body.  Period. So even after your levitating home following an incredible massage at Longevity, you can know that you left no trace, whatsoever.  Receiving treatment at Longevity makes everyone conscious about their eco-footprint – by not leaving one.

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